Frequently Asked Questions

Following Government instructions, we will be temporarily closed from Tuesday 5th January.


Direct Debits

We kindly ask that you refrain from cancelling your direct debit payments at the bank. There is nothing you need to do – we will ensure you are in no way out of pocket.

I have just paid via DD, what will happen with that money?

If your direct debit usually comes out on the 1st of the month, the bank would have already processed this payment. Any unused days will be credited when we reopen.

My DD is due on the 15th, what do I need to do?

If your direct debit usually comes out on the 15th of the month, we will ensure that your payment is frozen. Your direct debit will then resume as normal from the following month.

I paid for my membership upfront (annual), can I get a refund?

If you are on an annual membership, this will be frozen for the duration of the closure. Your membership will then be extended to reflect the duration of closure.

I have just cancelled my Direct Debit at the bank but I wish to remain a member

If you email with your member ID, full name and Centre you currently use, we can reinstate that for you and we will confirm via email when it is done.

I paid for a casual session from Tuesday onwards, what will happen to my payment?

All pre-paid casual bookings will be credited to your cashless top up account, so you can use this when the sites re-open.

I cancelled my membership and January was my final month, which I can’t use – what can you offer?

You will be able to use your last month when the site re-opens. If you send an email to your home Centre, they will arrange this for you.

I am not receiving any of Fusion’s emails? What do I need to do?

Firstly, please check your junk email. If it is not in there, please contact with your member ID, full name and email address, stating that you would like to ‘opt in’ to receive emails from us. Once we have this, we will set this up for you and confirm via email once it is done.

How do I access Fusion on Demand?

All members and registered Fusion users can access Fusion on Demand.
Your log in details are the same as those you use when making an online booking at your centre.
To reset your password click here.
To log in click here.
Fusion on Demand is not yet available to the wider public.
For further assistance please firstly read our how to guide here, if we have not answered your query please contact

My query has not been answered in the above, who do I contact?

Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website to leave an enquiry, we have a dedicated customer service team who will be in contact with you to resolve any issues you may have.