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1st June 2021

Five ways to be kind to your mind and body

Lockdown life has been tough on both our minds and bodies.

With the world shut down and socialising with loved ones limited, feelings of stress, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, and boredom have been common throughout the pandemic. This coupled with gyms closing, working from home and picking up unhealthy eating habits, means that many of us are feeling more sluggish, tired and lacking in confidence than ever before.

As the world begins to re-open and life starts to return to normal, it is important that we re-build our self-esteem and start to take steps to feel better both physically and mentally.

Here are our top tips on how to do just that:

1. Be kind to yourself.

What you say to yourself is key to how you feel.

We all need to acknowledge that we are human and we can’t always perform at our best – and that is ok. Try not to dwell on the bad days but instead, show yourself some appreciation by identifying all your strengths. Make a note of the tiny victories of each day and pat yourself on the back because you deserve it – especially during these challenging times.  

2. Move your body in a way that feels good for you.

With the world opening up again, it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the exercise or movement that makes you feel good – whether that’s through a strength session in our fitness suite, a group exercise class, walking outdoors, a bike ride or playing sport. Whatever it is, reconnect with your favourite activity or challenge yourself to try something new – you can read all about our most popular classes and what to expect on our blog.

Exercise is a great way to boost your endorphins, help you feel connected to others, and give you a break from your everyday routine – or lack of it!

3. Hydrate.

Did you know water makes up nearly 60% of your total body weight? That statistic alone highlights how vital water is in terms of our day-to-day performance. Improved hydration can lead to enhanced cognitive function and energy and better movement. It acts a lubricant for joints and a shock absorber for the eyes and spinal cord. It also supports weight loss and can help with digestive function and the immune system. 

For most people two litres of water per day in addition to food intake is usually enough to stay hydrated but you will need more when exercising, with the amount depending on the intensity/length of exercise – so make sure you fill up!

4. Adopt ‘mindfulness’ around eating and drinking habits.

Start by writing down everything you eat over a 3-7-day period – noting the times you are eating healthy and less healthy foods. This will help you understand your eating habits. Armed with this list, you will be able to make small changes to your current diet. Try to eat more of the healthier foods while not eliminating the foods you love to eat – instead, concentrate on being mindful of the quantity or volume you consume them in.  

For example, replacing that family size bag of crisps on a Friday night to a normal size bag of crisps, or replacing that family pack of M&Ms to a two-finger kit kat, means that you’ll still feel like you are getting a treat, but are also being mindful of how much you eat. This approach should set you on the road to a healthy approach to eating and, unlike crash diets, should be sustainable for the long term. 

5. Disconnect from being connected.

Take time to unplug yourself from your phone or laptop and your mental wellbeing will thank you for it.

Switch off your device and head out for a walk-in nature, meet a friend for a coffee, sit and truly be present with yourself or your family for a set amount of time without your phone to hand. Be free of the constant notifications and feel connected to the real world a little more each week – you’ll soon feel the benefits both physically and mentally.

Health and wellbeing is more important than ever and we can help boost your energy levels, strengthen your body and expand your mind. A feel-good approach to feeling good.

There’s plenty on offer at The City Baths to help guide you to your goals or give you the space to do your thing. So come get healthy in the heart of the city and find a membership that works for you.