Online classes from the comfort of your own home!

From Thursday 12th November we have a range of classes available for you to take part in from the comfort of your own home that are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Our instructors will be live streaming these through Fusion’s YouTube channel at the times listed on the timetable below. Don’t panic if you can’t make the exact times, they will be saved on the YouTube channel and also uploaded to Fusion At Home for you to use at a time that may be more convenient for you.

To get ready, subscribe to Fusion’s YouTube channel and tune in for the classes that suit you or login to Fusion At Home to revisit the classes at a later time. We will have updates coming to you via social media and the Fusion Lifestyle app so stay tuned and ensure you have your push notifications enabled.



Pilates for All 

This is a mat work-based class designed to increase core stability, strength, flexibility. It will improve mental focus and reduce stress. Pilates for all is for everyone to work within their own fitness levels, taking options to increase or decrease the workout as required.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel

Yoga for All

Yoga for all is for everyone from beginner to the experienced yoga participant. Through simple movements and postures, this class focuses on boosting physical and mental wellbeing whilst promoting an increase in strength, flexibility and balance.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel


A mixed impact aerobic workout, fun and easy follow. Aerotone gives you a cardio workout with strength and conditioning, offering two workouts in one.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel and light weights or a resistance band

HITT (High Intensity Interval Training)

A High intensity interval training-based class. A challenging workout, designed to improve your aerobic capacity, metabolism and cardio endurance. HIIT workouts alternate between high intense bursts and periods of less intense activity or rest.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel or two as this will get sweaty!

Pump workout 

A non- impact strength and endurance class. Easy to follow with simple but effective exercises. Pump classes are a great way to burn calories and get fast results. Beginners and experienced participants enjoy a pump workout, as the participant determines the intensity with their own weight selection.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel and ideally a bar with weights or dumbbells

Combat Workout 

A martial arts-based workout, with moves and stances from various martial arts. Suitable for all, enjoy the empowering experience and learn the basic moves. Easy to follow offering a great different cardio experience.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel

Zumba Gold

A gentle aerobics class with Latin and international music. Salsa and Flamenco styles of movement at a slower pace for beginners and mature movers.

Equipment needed: None

Mature Stretch 

A gentle stretch class for mature movers or those just returning to exercise. Mature stretch aims to enhance posture, increase mobility, flexibility and improve our general feeling of wellbeing.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel. A yoga strap if available and a hand towel


This focuses on evidence-based programming for people with specific medical conditions. A gentle low impact program of light cardiovascular work, functional strength and mobility. (There will be chair based options available).

Equipment needed: No equipment needed unless you may need to take chair-based options, you will need a chair

Gentle Postural Pilates 

A very gentle Pilates class for beginners to help with posture, alignment and core stability using Pilates based methods.

Equipment needed: a mat if you have one, if not grab a towel

Now is the time to restart your fitness!

There has never been a more important time to look after your health and well-being. We can help you to make a difference, so you are physically and mentally more resilient, and able to enjoy life in the coming months.

As part of our phased reopening plans, our programmes and activities continue to grow with more being added over the coming weeks. There is plenty to choose from! We offer a range of memberships with options to suit every budget giving you greater flexibility at a time where you need it most.

In reopening of our centre we have introduced a range of new measures that are in line with Government guidance to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable visit. A summary of these are:

  1. All sessions are to be pre-booked and paid for online or via the Fusion Lifestyle app which complies with the Government’s test and trace service and ensures that the centre has no more than the permitted number of users and you have plenty of personal space.
  2. Gym users are asked to come ‘gym-ready’ with your workout clothes already on. Dry side changing room remain closed. For swim users, please come ‘swim-ready’ with your swim costume already on. Changing cubicles are available for use after your swim.
  3. In the centre you will find hand sanitiser stations and directional signage in place to help get you to where you need to be.
  4. You will find ample cleaning materials in centre, everyone is responsible for cleanliness so please ensure you clean all kit, including exercise mats, before and after use.
  5. Gym equipment has been spaced out and different areas of the centre have been used to provide additional space.
  6. Some group exercise classes may have been moved to larger areas or outside (weather permitting) to ensure everyone has plenty of personal space.
  7. For lane swimming we are utilising ‘double’ lanes. Swimmers need to use which lane (slow, medium, fast) is most appropriate for your ability.

We look forward to restarting your fitness goals with you and to welcoming you into the centre soon! To visit our frequently asked questions, click here FAQs.

We’re ready to roll out fitness!

Getting Ready to Bounce Back

Membership FAQ’s