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Building updates – 10/06/2019

Main Gym and Studios:

  1. Upper studio – walls complete
  2. Dry lining to lower studio and dry changing rooms completed
  3. Dry lining to gym hall walls 95% completed
  4. Rear staircase decorations – plaster repairs and mist coat

Pool Area:

  1. Inlets to deep end installed
  2. The holding tank has been cleaned and relined
  3. High level decorations progressing with ceiling plaster detail panels arrived on site today
  4. Commencement of pool tank clean
  5. Decorations commenced to lower walls

Basement area:

  1. Terrazzo repairs – ongoing to steam rooms

Plant Rooms:

  1. Pool hall plant – continued building work to newly formed duct access
  2. Basement plant – Water tank installed.  Pool plant completed
  3. Reznors units stored in basement
  4. Plant to gym hall progressing – change to wall penetrations completed and ducting in manufacture

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